White Chicken Chili, Week 2 Progress!

February 18, 2011

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Happy Friday!  Its been a great week!  Went by fast.  If you follow me on Twitter @KristineFretwel  you may have seen some tweets about my new workout plan that just started 2 days ago.  I am sore!  Since I’m in week 2 of my lean out plan, I thought it would be great to kick it up a notch.  Enlisted the help once again from my competition prep trainer.  (Lori Mork from www.energyfitness.ca)  She’s awesome!  Sometimes its nice to just get a second opinion and plan of attack!

Before I get into my results after 2 weeks, I’ve got a little bit of food recaps for the week!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

If your a member on the Facebook Recipe Club Page, you’ll see I posted the recipe for the yummy and super easy Chimichurri Sauce, that was poured on top of our lean sirloin steaks!

vday dinner.JPG

Please note that I tried to make a *heart* out of the top of the butternut squash! LOL! Yah, cheesy, I know!  The rest of Valentine’s Day we just chilled on the couch.  My idea of a GREAT evening! 

Last night I did a White Chicken Chili in the slow cooker, and it turned out great!  That recipe will be posting on the site today! www.busybuthealthy.com/recipes 

white chicken chili 2.JPG

Here is a close up.  You can see the chicken, mushrooms, onion.  The fresh green onion and cilantro on top is what really makes it!

white chicken chili.JPG

Sienna’s Picture of the Week

daddy girl [1024x768].JPGShe loves wearing sunglasses, but has a tendency to wear them upside down.  So cute!

Ok, now time for the RESULTS!

Week 2: Operation Lean Out Results!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results so far.  I know that since I only started this new workout plan 2 days ago, then next 2 weeks I’ll see even better results.  As I mentioned before, I do like slow progress, so then my diet doesn’t have to change much which makes it so much easier.  If diets are too drastic, it can really end up taking over your life.  Eventually you get tired of the severe restriction and you’re left exhausted from over-training.

Weight: 129.8 ( -1.4 pounds)
Abs: 30.1″ (-1.4″)
Waist: 27″ (same)
Upper Hip: 34.2″ (-.6″)
Lower Hip: 37.1″ (-.4″)
Thigh: 22.3 (-.2″)
Arm: 10.2″ (same)

So that’s a total loss of 1.4 pounds and 2.6 inches.  My overall goal is to lose 8 inches overall, so I’m getting there.  I’m totally not hung up on the weight number, moreso inches.  If I can meet my measurement goal and my weight is higher….that is a BIG WIN.  That just means I have more muscle than before!!!  I’m sure the next 2 weeks will be even bigger changes.  Looking forward to it!

My new workout plan is 5 days a week, and they are all circuit style workouts using heavier weights. Strength and cardio at once!  None of the workouts take longer than 70 minutes.  No additional cardio either.  This style of workout is great for preserving muscle and burning extra fat!

You will want to come back on Monday, because I’m going to be posting My Story. A summary of my life and how health and fitness became involved.  I’ve been working on it for a while, so I’d love if you came back for a read!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!


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