What's In My Gym Bag?!

February 14, 2011

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Good Morning Valentine’s! 

heart.jpgAny special plans for Valentine’s Day?  Our plans on Friday night were foiled (long story, family drama).  So we ended up coming home, but on the way stopped at the store to get wine (needed!) and ingredients for healthy pizza.  It ended up being a good night.  Just stayed in and watched a movie.  Tonight I’m making steak with chimichurri sauce, which is basically a green sauce made with herbs!

So on yet another “News, Facts & Fitness Monday, I thought it would be fun to show you what’s in my gym bag.  I’m also curious to hear what’s in yours!

Here it is in all its messy glory!


Let me break it down for ya….

The Bag – Lululemon.  I got it this past Christmas.  A gift to myself….gotta love that!

lululemon bag.JPG

Yes, you can see the water peeking out….1 litre stainless steel bottle.  I drink 2 of these per day, plus herbal tea.  Try to get in about 3 litres of water/day.  Optimal for hydration and FAT LOSS!

water bottle.JPG

Next up, I got this last year and now its an essential!  My Gymboss Interval Timer!  If you didn’t see it a while back, I’ve got a 2 part series of GYMBOSS Workouts.  PART 1, PART 2.


To pass the time on the stairmaster or elliptical, I always have some magazines handy.  I didn’t realize I had this many in there!  No wonder my bag was getting heavy!  A couple issues of Oxygen Magazine, Fitness RX and can’t leave out the celeb gossip, US Weekly and Life & Style.magazines.JPG

Another essential – MUSIC!!!  Can’t be without my ipod nano!  I like using these bigger headsets.  The earbuds just fall out of my ears.  I prefer to just blast the music and tune out when I’m at the gym!  I also love the armband case.


A girls’ gotta lift!  My Harbinger lifting gloves.  I like these ones because they have the wrist wraps built in.  I get very sore wrists without them.  Something to consider if your lifting the heavy weights!  I wish they had them in pink!  Haven’t found a cute ladies glove yet that has the wrist wraps.


Gympass – this one is for the recreation centre.  I go there to do 5:45am classes (bootcamp).  The rest of the time, I go to a local gym.

gym pass.JPG

And of course, a towel and some back up elastics and deoderant! Funny enough, I was having a twitter conversation last week with a few people about our pet peeves in people’s gym hygiene! Even if you work out early, doesn’t give you a right to NOT brush your teeth!  Geez, I don’t want to smell that on the machine beside you! Thank you.


Next up, a whole STACK of workout plans.  Most current one I’m using is on top.  There must be about 30 pages here! I really should get a book or binder.  A lot of them are from my trainer from doing competition prep.  They would get switched up every 8 weeks or so.


Last, but not least….but certainly the most random.

A pink whistle!


Last year I got this when doing my Group Fitness Leader Certification.  I had high hopes of teaching classes.  Turns out I don’t have enough time in the day to do my own workouts, work full time, manage a website, prep meals, spend time with Sienna and Brent and have a few minutes to relax each day.  I hope to someday have the time to teach, but for the moment, its on the backburner.

Hope you liked seeing what was in my Gym Bag!  Care to share what’s in yours?

See you Wedneday where I’ll have another “Favorite Find”!


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