What I Ate Wednesday #8

November 6, 2013

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Hope you’re having a great week so far. First WIAW post for November. Enough of that, onto the details…


First thing in the morning, I drink 1 cup of coffee.  I don’t drink more than 1 cup, because if I do, it tends to give me a tummy ache.  Aside from Pumpkin Spice coffee, another one I really like is this Vanilla Biscotti flavor from Folgers…


I wasn’t much in the mood for toast today, so I went with waffles instead. You can’t even tell these are gluten free. I really like them! On the waffles, I spread on some chocolate almond butter that I recently made with my Blendtec. I also drizzled on a touch of Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Honey.  For my eggs, it was the usual. 1 egg, 3 egg whites. I also always sprinkle on some herb & garlic sea salt.



When I got home from the gym after finishing a killer biceps & triceps workout, I jumped straight into lunch since I felt like a sandwich (it was 11am – close enough!).  A couple slices of GF toast, topped with a bit of light mayo, honey mustard and lower sodium deli-style turkey and a couple super thin slices of cheese.  For veg, I put on spinach, tomato and cucumber.  I also sprinkled on some Mrs. Dash at the end.  I usually get rotisserie chicken, but I saw this was lower sodium, so I wanted to try it. I wouldn’t get it all the time given its a lot more processed than regular cooked chicken, but it sure does taste good!


The mammoth sandwich wasn’t enough, I will still hungry. So I filled the void with snap peas and a bit of hummus…



Lunch held me off until mid-afternoon. Decided on some non-fat greek yogurt. I added some lemon stevia drops (NuNaturals), and since I always like a crunchy topper, I added on some roasted coconut from Trader Joes and some gluten free Chex Mix Honey flavor (instead of my usual granola)



I had taken out some organic lean ground beef, so I decided to test a recipe for Healthy Hamburger Helper. It was really good and easy, and came together really quick! Hubby loved it too. I’ll be posting the recipe soon.  I served it on some gluten free spaghetti (I used the Giovanni Panzani Gluten Free Spaghetti – got at Costco). Can’t even tell its gluten free.  Its a mix of rice, corn & quinoa.



Made some Pumpkin Bars again last week. So I had one after dinner.  We’re working on fishing the pan.. Now there is only 1 left. Boo! 😉

pumpkin bar

After Dinner Snack

Haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking perhaps some air popped popcorn with butter since I haven’t had that since last week. Will be sitting down to watch one of our favorite shows…Sons Of Anarchy.

See ya soon with a new recipe!


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