What I Ate Wednesday #7

October 30, 2013

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Phew. It was a busy day. Like most of you, I’m beat at the end of the day.  Whether you’re working, or taking care of kids, in school…or a combination of all 3, its nice to be able to sit and relax for a bit at the end of the day.

I was thinking that for my next WIAW post, I may document my eating from a weekend day. Since it tends to vary a little more on the weekend than during the week. Not a ton, mind you. But there is a better chance of me having a take-out or restaurant meal.


Onto today.  Aside from my morning cup of coffee (Pumpkin Spice!) I wanted my usual…eggs and toast. I know I’ll get sick of it eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet!


2 whole eggs, with 1/2 cup liquid egg whites.  My 1 year old eats about 1/3 of the batch.  With a side of salsa, guacamole & gluten free toast with butter.


Before running out the door to go to the gym, I took my usual pre-workout (Vega Sugar-Free Energizer). I also just received a new product from Ignite Naturals for their IN Refresh Electrolyte drink. Since you all know me, and know I wouldn’t try something if I don’t like the stats.


I took a look, and liked what I saw, so I gave it a whirl. I put it in my water that I was going to be sipping on at the gym.  I put 2 scoops in my big 25 oz bottle (1 scoop is good for 8-12 oz). It tasted delicious!  I also like that its GMO-free, gluten-free and the sweeteners are Lo Han Guo (plant based sweetener…same idea as stevia) and unprocessed cane sugar and stevia. Its only 3 cals per scoop and only .5 g sugar per serving.


Once again, I really liked the taste, and I’ll for sure keep using it in my water. Its an excellent alternative to Gatorade, and its got some great vitamins and minerals in there. I found it much more replenishing than chugging regular water…and less bloating.  I have tried other electrolyte powders and found them to have a very strong mineral taste, and an unpleasant aftertaste. I found this to not have any of that at all. It just tasted good and was easy to drink.  I can’t attest for the other flavors, but this one was good.

If you’re interested, it can be purchased from their website.


Went to the gym to work biceps and triceps today. Came home and needed a re-fuel! Quickest thing to grab was a protein bar (Pumpkin Spice Protein Bar). So I pulled this out of the freezer and ate it so fast, I almost forgot to take a pic!



When we get home from the gym, the little one goes down for her nap. So I got a bit of work done on my laptop.  Then before I knew it, it was time for some lunch.  I didn’t really feel like anything hot, and I was in a snack-y mood. So..basically I put together a plate with a bunch of snacks!


Cold rotisserie chicken, cucumber, snap peas, apple slices and a scoop of peanut butter. Also a side of honey mustard dressing/dip…love this stuff.

Snack #2

After school pickup we were out and about running errands. I should have brought something with me, but I didn’t anticipate being out as long as I was. We carved pumpkins last night, and I roasted the seeds with garlic powder, sea salt and chili powder. I had them on the counter, so I was grabbing a few here and there all day long.



Its always a rush to get dinner on the table, so I love things like taco’s as they can come together really quick.  Tonight, I sauteed ground turkey, onion and green pepper. Used a salt-free taco seasoning, and a touch of water to help soften up the veggies.

Naturally, we had to have all the fixin’s.  Small corn-only tortilla’s, sour cream, kidney beans, guacamole, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, salsa and spinach (just cause its healthier than lettuce 😉


..and you could see hubby was wasting no time digging in.

I threw back 3 taco’s (only see 2 here). Could have done more, but I refrained. 😉


No worries, as I’m sure I’ll be having a snack of greek yogurt later. (and granola!) Perhaps I’ll open a can of pumpkin for some Greek Pumpkin Yogurt…Mmmm

Ta-ta, see you soon with another recipe 🙂



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    Looks all yummy. What brand of gluten free bread do you use?

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