What I Ate Wednesday #2

September 25, 2013

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Welcome to the second edition of WIAW. Glad to see some of you got some new meal & snack ideas.

The morning didn’t start off the best, as I couldn’t sleep past 2:00am (our dog barked, woke up the baby, so she had a hard time getting back to sleep), so needless to say, every last drop of coffee was devoured.

Once I got up the energy to make breakfast, I whipped up my usual concoction of eggs & toast. Today, I added spinach and goat cheese to my 1 egg, 4 egg white combo (with GF toast and butter). The GF bread I had today was Glutino Multigrain.


Shortly after breakfast, it was time to get my Kindergartener off to school, and bring my 1 year old along to the gym. Took a stick of Vega Sugar Free Energizer (pre workout) before I left.

After the gym, it was snack time. After the gym, I like to have a snack that is higher protein and some carbs. Since I wanted to test a new recipe, I made Apple Pie Greek Yogurt. It turned out yummy! Recipe will be on the blog soon…

20130925_114458Less than a few hours later, my tummy was rumbling yet again, so I made a quick late lunch before school pickup. Popcorn flavored rice cakes with 2 slices of nitrate-free turkey, sliced cucumber, spinach, and 1 egg made into egg salad. I mashed a hard boiled egg and added a bit of yellow mustard, mayo, dill pickle and pepper. If I had tomato, I would have added that too. It was good! Hit the spot.


After school pickup and a trip to the park, it was time to come home for dinner, which I already had going in the crock pot.  I put in 4 raw chicken breasts, added in a low sodium seasoning packet, 1 cup organic ketchup, 2 stevia packets, vinegar and water. I basically did the same recipe on the pack, only subbed out the sugar for stevia.  The seasoning is from Epicure, which I’m pretty sure is only available in Canada. They make a variety of seasonings and such, and they’re all gluten free and low sodium. The one I used tonight was meant for ribs, but you can use it for whatever you want, really!


We had some leftover roasted squash, onion and potato from the other night, so it was a super quick dinner. Definitely needed, as the tiredness was starting to kick in around dinnertime.

…and for dessert, a couple squares of my favorite chocolate was enjoyed after dinner, as I sat down to write this post 😉


Now, I’m off to play with the kiddo’s, and prepare for their bedtime. Then the hubs and I will spend the rest of our evening sitting on the couch watching our favorite show (Sons of Anarchy), and love every minute of it! I’m sure it will be an earlier night for me, that is, if I don’t fall asleep on the couch first.

As per usual, there will be a snack coming in the next couple hours. Most likely in the form of more greek yogurt or perhaps even some popcorn with a bit of butter for a treat.

See ya soon with another new recipe 🙂


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  • jeanne vanderveen

    I love your WIAW…definitely gives me some new ideas…what kind of butter do you use on your bread and popcorn?

    • http://www.busybuthealthy.com Kristine Fretwell

      Glad you’re liking them 🙂 I get the Organic Salted Butter from Costco…Kirkland brand.

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