Thanksgiving Recovery & Recap

October 15, 2010

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Its almost the weekend! YAY!!!!  Hopefully you saw my contest posted about the NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway….if you haven’t tried it, you really should!  Its easy to enter, all you have to do is post a comment.  If you haven’t tried it, you’ll love it.

So I think I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving.  With having Monday off, the week went by so fast.  We did our dinner on Monday night.  Instead of turkey, we decided on a Prime Rib roast.  The hubby was happy to day the least!  The thing was so big I had to put it in a turkey roaster!!!

I just seasoned it with garlic, salt & pepper and thyme.  You can’t really see, but this roast also had the bones in.  It was a challenge trying to figure out how long it would cook, so I just had to keep testing with a meat thermometer.

It ended up being perfectly medium (which is what I was hoping for)

The side dishes included:

Kale with a bit of bacon and onion

Steamed broccoli with cheese sauce on the side (for the boys)

There was also gravy, buns and mashed potatoes.  I did NOT take a picture of the mashed potatoes.  When I was mashing them, they got all gummy.  I was very disappointed.  Anyone know how that happens??

Dessert was the most heavenly thing I’ve had in a long time, Turtle Pumpkin Pie.  I lightened it up by using light cool whip, sugar free caramel syrup, less sugar in the crust, less pecans.  It was SOOOO beyond good.  Brent was still talking about it the next day.  I think its his new favorite pumpkin pie.  Its lighter than the traditional.  I’d say its a cross between a pumpkin pie and a cheesecake.

The dogs also really enjoyed Thanksgiving. Roxie noshing on a prime rib bone…pure bliss!

After this meal, I was ready to get back to my regular eating.  I don’t eat red meat much, it tends to bother my tummy…harder to digest.

The day before Thanksgiving, I was also working on a new chocolate chip cookie recipe (healthier version of course).  It turned out GREAT!!!  Thankfully, I was able to give almost all of them away.  Eating 3 out of 20 cookies….not too bad! 😉 The recipe is posted in my Facebook Recipe Club

I also made up another batch of Pumpkin Protein Bars to have throughout the week.

Sienna’s picture of the week:

Modelling her new princess jewelery!  Remember clip on earrings? So cute.

I also got in some great workouts:

Monday: Upper Body Workout

Tuesday: 45 min cardio on stairmaster (needed it after that meal! ha!)

Wednesday: Bootcamp – did 1 min intervals, then 45 seconds.  It was tough

Thursday: Workout with Trainer–did intervals, plyo.  Hard work for 45 seconds, rest for 20 seconds

Friday: (today) OFF

Saturday or Sunday: Planning to do one of my new Yoga DVD’s

Next week I’ll mostly be doing workouts at home.  Brent got a heavy bag for our home gym, so maybe I’ll try that out.  I kickboxed for many years, but its been ages since I last did it.  I kind of miss it. We moved away from where I used to do it, and there isn’t a good place where I live now.  Bummer.

Hope you all had a great week!  I should be back to regular posting next week, so I’ll see you guys around!!!  I’m hoping some more video’s will be posting next week for Busy But Healthy, so keep watch! Still having a bit of technical difficulties with the site.  Ugh.

Bye for now!

Kristine xo

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  • Liz Jackson

    If you used hot water instead of cold for the potatoes (and then boiled from hot instead of cold..if that makes sense), it will make the potatoes kinda “gummy”.
    I have gotten lazy with mashed pototoes, I use sweet potatoes and just wash, wrap in plastic wrap, microwave for 7-8 minutes (depending on size) and then skin and mash with unsweetened almond milk to make it creamy adding more as needed. If you’ve never tried it you should! It’s quite good.

    • kfretwell

      Thanks for the tip, yah not sure what happened with those potatoes! lol! I know to use cold water. Weird. Yum, love sweet potatoes, but I never mash them really..great tip!

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