Healthy Poutine

Thumbnail image for Healthy Poutine December 28, 2013

Fries, gravy & cheese. Can you really go wrong with that? Poutine is indeed a Canadian thing. It was actually founded in Quebec. Traditionally, its french fries, beef gravy and cheese curds. Instead of using cheese curds, I substituted for part-skim mozza cheese to keep the fat down, and its not like cheese curds are […]


Roasted Garlic & Butter Mushrooms

Thumbnail image for Roasted Garlic & Butter Mushrooms November 22, 2013

What is the best way to have mushrooms? With butter and garlic, of course! These mushrooms taste amazing, and I could literally have them for a side dish every.single.night. I was talking on Facebook the other day about how I went to a restaurant and had escargot. They way they serve it with mushroom caps […]