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Quick 3 Bean Salad

Thumbnail image for Quick 3 Bean Salad March 27, 2012

You’ll love this bean salad!  Its ridiculously easy to make, and you can use whatever beans you have on hand.  Last week, I had posted in the Recipe Club that I was slightly addicted to this bean salad I got at Costco.  Shereen, a girlfriend of mine was inspired to make her own as beans […]


Garbanzo Burger Recipe

Thumbnail image for Garbanzo Burger Recipe May 5, 2010

  I used to be vegetarian/vegan years ago, because of food intolerances.  I used to make these burgers all the time, loved them!  If you’ve never tried chickpeas, they are sooo good.  I love them in salads.  I real nutty flavor, not like a typical ‘bean’.  This recipe is from Simply Vegan. Garbanzo Bean Burgers Makes 6 […]