Protein Muffin

Blueberry Muffins

November 15, 2010

Ok, I admit, I LOVE blueberry muffins.  My Mom used to make them all the time.  I have her recipe, its from Companies Coming Muffin Mania.  But it has white flour, butter, white sugar…not healthy in my book! So here is my version; whole grain flour, no added fat, low sugar, added protein.  The kicker […]


Yam & Walnut Power Muffins

Thumbnail image for Yam & Walnut Power Muffins November 5, 2010

These are some delicious and moist muffins!  They aren’t exactly the same texture as a regular muffins, but they aren’t dry at all even though they’re low fat, thanks to all the yummy yam and squash (or pumpkin) in there.  I like to pre-make these for the week. Low cal, kid friendly and protein & […]