Quinoa Pizza Bites

Thumbnail image for Quinoa Pizza Bites April 7, 2015

Pizza in any way, shape or form is welcomed by me, and most kids. Anything that reminds me of pizza makes me very happy. That’s why I love these quinoa pizza bites. I’ve seen some variations on Pinterest and wanted to come up with my own version. I love that these are gluten-free (just be […]


Pesto, Tomato & Spinach Meatza Pizza

Thumbnail image for Pesto, Tomato & Spinach Meatza Pizza July 5, 2013

What’s a meatza pizza you ask? Well, its a pizza with meat (well ground turkey) as the crust!  Its a healthier way to get your pizza, without the carb overload. I find this pizza much more filling than a regular thin crust pizza, and its super easy to make and is done in just under […]


Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

Thumbnail image for Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up February 2, 2012

Need some healthy inspiration for Super Bowl? Here are some healthier ideas that will do a touchdown on your taste-buds, but not on your waistline!     Easy Guacamole Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms Turkey Bacon Wrapped Dates Chicken, Pesto & Cranberry Quesadillas Mexican Rollups Grain-Free Buffalo Chicken Strips Gluten Free Onion Rings Turkey Sloppy Joes […]


Kale, Chicken & Goat Cheese Pizza & Contest (*Closed*)

Thumbnail image for Kale, Chicken & Goat Cheese Pizza & Contest (*Closed*) December 5, 2011

So you probably remember I did a review last week on Cookin’ Greens.  I hadn’t tried it before, but I was sent some coupons so I gave it a whirl. I must say, I’m a new fan! Great quality, and its not like the typical block of frozen spinach that I would normally get! As […]


Thai Chicken Pizza

Thumbnail image for Thai Chicken Pizza November 19, 2011

Its no secret that I love Thai food. The curries, sauces and spices. All of it. I’ve yet to been to Thailand, but I know for a fact I would love the authentic food. That’s why this pizza is so amazing. The peanut sauce is to die for, and all the toppings make it such […]


30-Minute Meatza Pizza

Thumbnail image for 30-Minute Meatza Pizza June 2, 2011

Here’s another grain-free and lower carb gem!  The “crust” is actually made from ground turkey!  I’ve seen many recipes online for these Meatza Pizza’s, but here’s my twist.  It came out SO GOOD!!!!  Basically, its a very cool way to use ground turkey.  I must tell you though, the next day (when it was cold) […]