Oatmeal Turtle Bars – Episode 29

Thumbnail image for Oatmeal Turtle Bars – Episode 29 December 13, 2011

  Turtles.  You know, those little chocolate guys with pecans, caramel and chocolate. Yeah, those.  Aren’t they good?  I wanted to do a Christmas treat that had all the same elements…with an oatmeal base.  Mission accomplished. I can’t exactly call these ‘healthy’, but they are definitely a ‘healthier’ version that what I’ve seen out there. […]


Low Carb Pecan Pie Bars

Thumbnail image for Low Carb Pecan Pie Bars December 8, 2011

I think this recipe gets the record for the most unsuccessful trials! I didn’t want this to be just a plain ol’ bar with pecans.  Nope, I wanted it to resemble, and taste similar to real pecan pie.  I tried many times to add whey protein to the base, but the result was spongy and […]


Cinnamon-Sugar Slow Cooker Pecans

Thumbnail image for Cinnamon-Sugar Slow Cooker Pecans December 7, 2011

I’m so not crafty when it comes to homemade gifts, but this is so easy, even I could do it! These nuts are delicious and if you’re a pecan lover I think you’ll really like them! Just be sure to stir the nuts a few time throughout the cooking process so you don’t get any […]


Pumpkin Cranberry & Pecan Bars

Thumbnail image for Pumpkin Cranberry & Pecan Bars October 7, 2011

If your only going to try one bar with pumpkin this year, this has got to be it!  These are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea!  Since these are only 80 calories and have 4 grams of added protein, you can bet I’ll have more than one as a snack! [Translate]