Homemade Fruit Rollups

Thumbnail image for Homemade Fruit Rollups June 23, 2014

Fruit roll ups, fruit leather, whatever you care to call them, they are delicious! If you’ve never made the homemade version, now is the time to try them! My girls love them, and I love that all they contain is fruit! I posted about these on my Facebook Page, but thought they also deserved a […]


Healthy Food Grocery Shopping List

Thumbnail image for Healthy Food Grocery Shopping List June 12, 2011

Here’s one challenge for you this week, try 1 new healthy recipe.  Something that you’ve never had.  There are many places to find inspiration.  Friends, various websites & blogs or even the recipe section of the site here! Whatever you do, remember to make food FUN and not boring.  If you do, you are way […]


Basic Protein Pancake Recipe

Thumbnail image for Basic Protein Pancake Recipe January 6, 2011

  Protein pancakes are a big staple in our house. Not only are they super easy to make (4 ingredients!), they are very versatile. We don’t just eat them for breakfast. They make a great snack, and quite often I send them in my daughters lunch box as an alternative to a sandwich. Unlike traditional […]