Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts or Cupcakes

October 19, 2012

What would be your preference? Mini donuts with a cinnamon sugar topping? Or mini cupcakes with a cream cheese icing? This recipe does both, and you really can’t go wrong with either!  Both are delicious in their own way. Plus they are ridiculously low cal (38 calories each) with no added fat or refined sugar. […]


Healthy Vanilla Cupcakes

July 5, 2012

  Healthy cupcakes. Any healthy baker knows this can be a REALLY tough thing to accomplish.  Over the past couple years I’ve tried multiple recipes with some really bad results.  Dry, didn’t rise, tasted like a muffin instead of a cupcake, and the list goes on.  I must give props to Chocolate Covered Katie for […]


Favorite Find: Gluten Free Cupcake Mix + Bonus Recipe

Thumbnail image for Favorite Find: Gluten Free Cupcake Mix + Bonus Recipe February 29, 2012

Truth be told, I’m not normally a fan of boxed cake mixes.  Simply because they contain sugar and processed ingredients.  I’ve done many trials of ‘healthy’ gluten free cupcakes, and they’ve failed every time.  I’m not willing to buy 5 different types of weird flours in order to make 1 recipe that I have once […]