Coconut Flour

Grain Free Apple Pie

Thumbnail image for Grain Free Apple Pie November 2, 2012

You won’t miss the flour in this grain free apple pie. So decadent and delicious, it rivals traditional apple pie. Coconut flour is pretty tough to work with as it absorbs so much moisture and needs a lot of eggs to hold it together. I’ve tried various desserts with coconut flour, and this pie crust […]


Grain Free Blueberry Protein Pancake

Thumbnail image for Grain Free Blueberry Protein Pancake June 2, 2011

Brent (they hubby) and I are going grain free for a bit.  Its just for fun, a trial, we were curious to see how we felt.  I think its also great to put more focus back on veggies and fruit instead of grains.  I wouldn’t call it Paleo, as we’re not being strict (and whey […]


Flourless High Protein Pancakes

Thumbnail image for Flourless High Protein Pancakes March 8, 2011

Made some grain free, high protein pancakes this morning!  I had some coconut flour and almond flour sitting around and wanted to make use of it!  You can purchase these kinds of flours or make them yourself. My toddler actually liked these too! Coconut Flour – ground up unsweetened shredded coconut Almond Flour – ground […]