Slow Cooker Coffee Braised Pot Roast

Thumbnail image for Slow Cooker Coffee Braised Pot Roast February 28, 2012

Pot roast, one of the most comforting foods out there. If your family likes meat and potatoes (much like my husband), this recipe will be a hit!  The gravy is so delicious and you can’t even tell the base is coffee, I swear!  I don’t think I’ll make a pot roast any other way now, […]


Easy Homemade Oven Jerky

Thumbnail image for Easy Homemade Oven Jerky October 27, 2011

I like to think that my hubby is a genius for created this.  It’s so delicious!  He’s not the cook in the family, although I admit, he can make a mean breakfast, and grill like a pro.  He’s also a hunter.  He just got back from a trip with moose meat.  They typically get it […]


Pre-Contest Recipes Part 1

January 1, 2011

To all the fitness competitors out there! (or people wanting to get LEAN!!!)  This is Part 1 of some of my favorite pre-contest recipes. I thought it would be easy to put them all in a few posts!  Disclaimer: Depending on the plan you get from your trainer, you may need to substitute or omit ingredients. YUMMY […]