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November 17, 2011

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I must admit, this weeks “Favorite Find” is totally a shameless plug 😉

I’m very excited to announce my first Recipe E-Book launched on today (& Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon DE).

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download these free Kindle reading apps for your iPhone, Blackberry, PC, Mac, iPad, Android & Window’s Phone 7, and have it on hand at all times (great when you’re at the grocery store!) Its so simple, you just download the free reader on your device, then go to the Amazon store on your preferred method and purchase the book (only $4.99) 🙂

If you have a Nook reader (Barnes & Noble), I’m also trying to get it available on there, in addition to the Apple iBookstore and on my website here in a PDF version.  Will let you know as soon as that’s available.

In time, I’d like to get a paper-back book published, but to be honest, its a very expensive undertaking.  Perhaps in time.

Its been a long-time coming, so I really hope you enjoy it!  It contains many of my favorite recipes, and some exclusive ones you won’t see on the site, or in the newsletter.  I plan on doing more e-books like this with different titles so stay tuned!

There is also a photo with each recipe, cause if your like me, you like to see what everything is going to look like!


I also wanted to give a few shout outs.  Thanks to all of you for reading the blog and all the posts!  Your positive feedback keeps me inspired to keep things going, and hopefully my little hobby will keep progressing.  A big thank-you to Krisda & Whey Gourmet for helping to sponsoring this e-book.  I’ve loved all your products for a long time and for anyone that knows me, they know I’d never recommend something unless I was in love with it myself!  Thanks to my brother, Dan who is very talented with graphics and designed the cover image (and who has been supportive and helped me since day 1), to my hubby Brent and our beautiful little girl for their love, and who forgive me for working too much, to all my other family and friends that enjoy chowing down on my food.  Midori (my girlfriend!), thanks for being my proof-reader and editor! Last, but not least…to my Mom up in heaven who is always with me in heart and spirit.  xoxo


Chat soon!

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