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September 16, 2014

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Providing good nutrition for kids on the go can be a real challenge. While fresh fruit and veggies are always at the top of the list, sometimes they aren’t the most practical, especially when you’re on the go. The floor of my vehicle is usually riddled with crumbs, grapes and empty to-go containers. Plus, fresh fruit or veggies can be mushy or dried out if they’re left out of the fridge for too long.

That’s why I love when I come across things that can make snacking a bit easier. I’ve always been a fan of the squeeze pouches. I’d get them quite often when Clara was a baby. I found they were especially handy when I was out and about, and perfect for in the car.

Fast forward to today. She’s 2 years old, and my other daughter is 6 years old. Those tiny packs just don’t cut it. Clara, (the 2 year old) can suck one of those back in 3 seconds. So for the last 6 months or so, I stopped buying them, as I just didn’t see it was worth it, when it didn’t even fill the hunger gap.

That is, until recently, I was introduced to a new product from a local company ( The product is called gnubees. Its a squeeze pack, but a large version of a squeeze pack. Its also packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and good-for-them things like organic juices, fiber and organic honey.  Gnu sante sent me a few to try, as part of their #SimplyHealthyKids campaign.

gnubees 2_e

As you can see, its a lot larger than a typical squeeze pack. Cute packaging too.

Did They Like It?

It had to pass the ultimate taste test:

It passed! My older daughter also likes them as well!  I wouldn’t call it a juice, and I wouldn’t exactly call it a smoothie…its sort of a combination of the two.


I’m a big label reader, so for those of you that are curious too, here’s a peek behind one of the packages…

They come in raspberry, orange and banana flavors.

gnubees  1_e


Gnubees is only available in Canada right now. It can be purchased exclusively through asked them if the product was going to be in retail stores, they gave me this answer: “We believe that everyone is entitled to quality nutrition, and because the cost of our ingredients is very high, in order to keep our prices down, we have decided to by-pass retail. Given the choice between paying distributors or using ingredients that we believe are better for us, we chose ingredients!”  Makes sense to me!

Would I Buy Them?

I like the ingredients, and I like the convenience. When unopened, they can be at room temp, but I think it tastes better when its cold. When you break it down per pouch, its $3.00 each. Considering those baby organic food packs are usually at least $1.00 each, these are pretty much triple the size, and I like that they contain protein as well. So yes, I’d totally get them again!


Gnu Sante is giving away a months supply of gnubees. (30 packs, value of $95). One person (Canada Only) can enter to win!  Use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. The more actions you do, the greater your chances of winning!

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