News, Facts & Fitness Monday: Gymboss Workouts Part 2

December 6, 2010

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Greetings All!  Happy Monday! As promised, here are some more awesome Gymboss Workouts for you!

Here is a link to last weeks post with the first two workouts.

Since the best way to do these workouts is with a Gymboss Interval Timer, here is the link to purchase one, its only $19.95 (also makes a great xmas gift!)

Gymboss “Gym” Workout #2 (Back/Shoulder focus)

Set Gymboss for 30 seconds (work–top number) 10 seconds rest.  Use heavy enough weights to make 8-10 reps difficult. Go through all sets exercises in the group before moving onto the next series.

30 sec 10 sec [1024x768].JPG1) Burpee with Pushup, Squat/Press, Plie Side Laterals, Pushups – 4 sets
2) Walkover (bosu) with Pushup, Step ups on Bench, Pull Ups, Squat with Upright Row – 4 sets
3) Seated Row, Straight Arm Pulldowns, Walkouts with Pushup, Step up on Bench with weights – 4 sets
4) Reverse Lunge Weighted, Walking Lunge with Press, Lat Pulldowns, Side Raises – 4 sets

Gymboss “Home” Workout #2 (Lean Legs Workout!)

Set Gymboss for 30 seconds (work) 5 seconds rest.  No equipment needed. Do this 4 times through (Total Time = 13 min, 20 sec)

30 sec 10 sec [1024x768].JPG1) Pop Squats
2) Split Lunge Jumps
3) Alternating Forward Lunges
4) Side Hops – (jump side to side–pretend you’re jumping over something)
5) Reverse Lunges –
6) Regular Jumping Jacks
7) Squat side to side
8) Volleyball blocks – (jump up with your arms above head, then crouch down and touch the floor)

So I hope you enjoy the workouts!  Stay tuned, as tomorrow I have a special guest post!!!

xo Kristine

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