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November 28, 2011

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How backwards is this? My husband (who hates shopping), went down to the US this weekend to hit up the outlets.  He wanted some new suits for a new job he’s starting next week.  Me? I only had 1 request….new shoes!

I’ve been eying up the Nike Free’s for a while.  They look great for the type of workouts I do.  Weight training and bootcamp style workouts.  They’re light and feel like you’re hardly wearing shoes!

I asked the hubby to get me the brightest and most obnoxious ones he could find.  So here’s what he found….PERFECT!

$50.00 at the Nike outlet store.  Can’t beat that!

This is what I’ve been wearing. 

I should have replaced these Asics sooner, but they were still doing the job…

….with holes and all!

Since I do spinning a couple times I week, I got these spinning shoes about a year and a half ago.  Bike petals can wreck your shoes really quick and supposedly, its really bad for the soles of your feet to wear regular shoes.  Cycling shoes have a very stiff sole.  Before I got these, I would notice my feet would get numb a lot during class.  Not anymore.

They have clips on the bottom, so if your gym has the bikes with the clips, you can click right into the petal and not worry about the cage at all!

Do you have any new shoes on your Christmas list?

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  • Sarah Smith

    Oh my goodness! Im not a tennis shoe person, but these are SO CUTE!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Thanks! Yes, I’m loving them! On the Nike website in the US, you can even create-your-own! Choose all the colors yourself….so cool!

  • Giorgio

    Test comment

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