My Favorite Workout Clothes

May 30, 2011

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Hey all!  I can’t believe Monday is almost over.  Today went by too fast!  On the bright side, I got a bunch of things on my to-do list DONE! Woo!

As I mentioned on Friday, where I told you all my favorite makeup products, today is all about my favorite workout gear!

I must say, thus far, I’ve really leaning towards all the Lululemon stuff.

My favorite piece is the Flow Y Sports Bra


I have them in 3 colors – BLACK, TURQUOISE, & PURPLE.  I wear that with a long cotton tank overtop.  I also have a couple of the tank versions of this, but I prefer wearing cotton tanks, I find they absorb the sweat better!  I’ve got about 10 various tank tops!!!  

As for bottoms, I really like the Lululemon Capri’s (or Crops)

crops.jpg This isn’t the exact one that I have, but I have about 4 pairs that are very similar.  I actually prefer when they are fitted at the knee, even moreso that pictured here.  But those are sometimes hard to find.  I can’t deal with long pants typically, I just end up tripping over them!  I wear capri’s all year, even in the winter!

Since is cold quite a bit here, I always make sure I have a good hoodie.  TNA is a brand I really like in hoodies.  But usually just in a plain color.  I know, exciting huh! 

I saw an ad recently in a fitness magazine for this Athleta brand (  I had never heard of it before.  But their clothes look cute!  I didn’t even realize they are part of GAP/Banana Republic.

These pants are CUTE!  I want some!!!!


If money were no issue whatsoever, I would be ALL OVER the Elisabetta Rogiani line (  LOVE these pants!!!

rogiani pant.jpg

But shipping to Canada is almost $40.00  YIKES!

So alas, Lulu for now it is!!!

Question: What workout clothes do you wear!  I love trying new things!!!!!


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