My favorite LEG Workout!

May 3, 2010

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Hey all!

Hope your having a great Monday so far!  Glad to be starting a new week.  Had a great, memorable weekend.  But glad to be back in the routine.  A day or two of different meals sure can take a toll!  That’s what’s so great about eating well, the body can’t handle eating ‘off’ for more than a couple days, so then you start wanting your healthy food again!

So our open house seemed to be successful.  Had about 8 groups come through.  Crossing our fingers for another viewing, or an offer!

Busy week ahead, as per usual.  Work and ‘Busy but Healthy’ stuff.  I’ve got to record a couple more Tips and have a meeting with Jody tomorrow night to talk more about colors for the show page.  I’m curious to hear if any of you have ideas for what might be a good color combo?!


I have yet to post a workout, so I thought I would share with you all my favorite LEG workout (from my trainer a long time ago).  This one incorporates plyo, so it keeps the heart-rate up.  This workout hits all the major leg muscles, always get a bit of soreness after this one!

Warmup – Walking Lunges 4 times across and back, no weight, deep and long
-Plie Squats (barbell on shoulders) 12 reps—superset with Power Jacks – 20 reps, 4 sets
-Smith Machine Squats 10 reps—superset with Volleys – 20 reps, 4 sets
-Leg Press  15 reps—superset with Walking Lunges across /back – 3 sets
-Deadlifts (barbell wide stance)—superset with Split Lunge Jumps – 30 reps, 3 sets
-Leg Extensions 12 reps—superset with Football Runs – 50 reps, 3 sets
-Hamstring Curls 12 reps 3 sets
-Sumo Diagonal Lunges (with dumbells) – across and back—superset with Step-Ups High Bench – 20 reps, 3 sets

…and if your not too tired, 10 minute light jog on treadmill.

Its a tough one!  Give it a whirl!

xo Kristine

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  • april

    Ouch that does seem tough!! Thanks for sharing! I hope to see more workouts in the future! 😀

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