My 3 Year Olds Birthday Party!

July 29, 2011

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Hey everyone!  Wow, Friday is sure creeping up fast!  As promised, I’ve got a re-cap of our little girls birthday party last weekend!  I must say, I’m happy & sad that’s she’s 3 already.  Its fun to see them go through all the stages, but I’m totally missing having a ‘baby’!  Sniff sniff.  Well she’ll always be my ‘baby’ of course, but you know what I mean.  Before I know it, she’ll be a teenager and totally hating on me.  Ah, the fun of teenage girls…I was one of them!

So back in June, I started thinking about a theme.  She’s into Dora, and almost anything Disney Princess, especially the Little Mermaid.  I set out to Michael’s to find a cake pan.  I wanted to be ambitious and do the cake all by myself with no help.  I recently bought this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Wilton Cake Decorating Kit from Michael’s, so I wanted to get some use out of it.  Here’s the one I got….

Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Set

It has everything you’d need to decorate a cake, that’s for sure.  Just make sure you have the 40% off coupon if you want to buy this kit, cause it isn’t cheap!  But with the coupon, its very reasonable considering everything you get!

The Cake!

So after hours (and hours!) of piping the icing, here’s how the Little Mermaid Cake turned out!

All the work was so worth it.  She LOVED it!!!  I am definitely not even close to the Cake Boss, but for a first try on a cake like this, I thought it wasn’t too bad.  I can barely draw a stick person (I’m not kidding), so I was a little worried that it would be a hot mess.  There was also no stencil at all, so when the cake came out of the pan, and the first layer of white icing went on it, the design was totally lost, so it was like starting all over from scratch! Eeek!  I just about had a heart attack!

The Party!

Food: I kept it pretty healthy (of course!)!  Chicken burgers, lean beef burgers & veggie burgers (with regular & flat buns), fruit skewers, veggies & Salad Rolls.  For the sides I did a Healthy Homemade Potato Salad (made with light mayo and light sour cream), Quinoa Sundried Tomato & Asparagus Salad and Watermelon Feta Salad!  I also had all-beef hot dogs for the kids, and some baked chips.

She was in-love with this Little Mermaid balloon, and played with it for 3 days after the party (until we took it away)!

All the gifts…..

Opening presents.  Yes, she got excited getting new undies. Ha!

Loves this new scooter from her Nana & Grandpa

Time for cake!  Blowing out the candles…


Trying a bite.  Funny enough, she isn’t much of a sweets person, but put a bowl of chips in front of her and they’re as good as gone!

A party isn’t a party without a family picture at the end!

So there’s the re-cap!  Enjoy your weekend!  We’re off camping for Brent’s family reunion this weekend (its a long weekend in Canada), so I won’t be around till Tuesday!


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