Truth be told, pop tarts aren’t something I ever had as a kid.  Maybe once or twice. With my mom being uber-healthy, they were never allowed in the house.  But really, can you go wrong with baked dough with jam in the middle?  I think not!

This was a recipe request from a reader, and I thought it would be a fun challenge.  They were actually really fun and easy to make.  The dough itself was very easy to work with.  Please note that its a wheat-free recipe, not gluten free.  I don’t have a huge comfort level baking with gluten free dough, as the texture can be quite tricky.  I did find that this spelt flour and oat flour combo worked perfectly!

As for the filling, use you favorite double fruit or lower sugar jam.

I learned 2 important lessons while making these pop tarts:

1) Pop tarts immediately out of the oven are very hot.  The jam WILL run down your shirt, and burn your hand!

2)  I confirmed the fact that I’m a “rustic” baker.  There was no uniformity with my pop tarts.  That’s perfectly fine, as they may not be the prettiest, but they sure taste darn good!

Healthy Pop Tarts

Makes 20

2 1/4 cup spelt flour (or whole wheat flour)
1 1/2 cups oat flour
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup Earth Balance or butter, melted
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce (1 snack pack)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of choice)
Jam or jelly (whatever kind you like), lower sugar or double fruit kind. I used raspberry & apricot.

Optional – Raw sugar sprinkled on top (could use sucanat, palm sugar or cane sugar)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet or cover with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, mix together the spelt flour, oat flour and salt.  Add in the melted Earth Balance or butter, applesauce & milk and mix with a wooden spoon until it forms into a dough.  On a well floured surface, knead the dough a few times, adding more spelt flour if needed if the dough is a little sticky.  Roll dough into a large thin layer. Cut into a big rectangle.  Cut squares or rectangles out of the dough, or even use a cookie cutter if you like.

Place 1 tsp of jam in the middle of a square of dough, and place another square of dough on top.  Use a floured fork around the edges to seal.  Cut a small slit on the top to let steam escape.

Place pop tarts on your cookie sheet (as many that will fit), sprinkle the tops with palm sugar (what I used) or raw sugar or sucanat if desired.  Bake for approx. 25 minutes or until it starts to get golden around the edges.

Roll out the remaining dough, and repeat the process until the dough is all gone.

Once completely cooled, place in a freezer bag and store in the freezer.  Re-heat them by popping them in the toaster!

Nutrition (per pop-tart)   Calories: 135   Fat: 5.7 g   Carbs: 18 g   Fiber: 2.6 g   Sugars: 1.9 g   Sodium: 174 mg   Protein: 3 g

p.s.  They were a hit with my 3 year old!

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I'm Kristine Fretwell, busy mom of 2 little girls, author, blogger, and former pro fitness competitor. I love almost any kind of cookie, anything coconut or pumpkin flavored, and Thai food. A perfect day for me is enjoying my family, getting to the gym, and whipping up a new healthy recipe. I've got a collection of over 300 healthy recipes, and other tidbits like fitness and health tips. My recipes have been featured on websites such as Huffington Post, Savvy Mom, Shape and Skinny Scoop.
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  • Antonette

    These came out great and the kids loved them. I automatically jazzed up the dough with cinnamon, a little honey and vanilla based on the previous comments. I also added ground flax to the dough. I will be stockpiling these for the freezer in preparation for the upcoming school year along with those yummy chewy protein granola bars! You rock girlie!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Awesome, so glad you like them! Thanks for reporting back!

  • Love4asl

    I made these last night….they turned out well, but my 3 year old (who I made them for) did NOT like them….I think I will use oat flour and a mix of white flour. I think it was just too much of a change for him from full on poptart to super healthy one. I do think that the dough needs a bit more sweetness and flavor. After finding out poptarts have 50 ingredients I am definitely gonna try to make these a success for our family…thanks for the jumping off point.  

  • Danielle

    I tried these today. I didn’t roll the dough thin enough 🙁 they didn’t quite cook through. Next time I will make sure the dough is super thin!

  • adam and mira’s mom

    Hi Kristine!
    Thanks for yet another mom-feels-good recipe 🙂 I made these this morning -turned out so nice and crispy! The  kids liked them but I guess I made them too big (too much no-filling pastry). They said smaller next time LOL I think they would also taste great with some cinnamon in the pastry, or some other flavouring you can suggest? Thanks again!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      So glad you liked them! You could flavor the dough however you’d like 🙂 Vanilla/cinnamon would be nice, or any other spice you like…

  • Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner

    Healthy Pop Tarts?! I’m in! 😀

  • Suzriley1

    I LOVE pop tarts which is exactly why I never eat them!! They are so full of processed stuff and the calories are crazy high so it is good to have an alternative! I made these with my kids last night and they had so much fun. I think they taste really good but next time I will have to find a way to sweeten up the crust a bit because they only wanted the center, lol!

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Glad you had fun with it! You could just add some liquid stevia to the crust if you want, or the concentrated stevia powder. Even a little bit of honey should work too!

  • Jennifer

    Lovely to see a healthier version of this childhood icon.  I know it takes more effort to bake things yourself, but you get the opportunity to put your love into it, and the tastier (and healthier) rewards are worth it!  Well done!

  • Anna @ The Guiltless Life

    I DID go through a phase as a kid when I LOVED pop tarts. Only the iced strawberry kind. Now I know I would find that way too sweet, but I would sure go for an uniced homemade one. Thank you for this recipe, I love how simple it is and I have lots of fruit-sweetened strawberry jam in my cupboards that would work perfectly in this! PS I love rustic baking. Your Pop Tarts are adorable! As is your daughter 🙂

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