Full Body Blast Circuit Workout – Week 2

September 12, 2014

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We’re onto Week 2 of the Full Body Blast Circuit Workout!  If this is where you’re starting, I recommend you pop over to the Week 1 post as I do a full intro to the program and what its all about.

But this gives you an idea….

Full Body Blast Circuit Workout_main

Some Tips:

– If you are doing the workouts in a small group of 3 or 4, grab all the equipment you’d need to do each series, and take turns in a circle, then switch to the next exercise. Similar to what it would be like doing stations.

– If you’re in a group of 3, do the first 3 exercises in a circuit-style so every person has a station. Then for the 4th exercise in the series, do it all together at the same time.

– If you do them by yourself, you could do 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next, or you could do 1 set of each exercise in the series, then repeat that 3 times.

Full Body Blast Circuit Workout < Week 2 >

Full Body Blast Circuit Workout_Week 2


1) Renegade rows (15 reps), squat presses (15 reps), dumbbell wide walking lunges (20 reps), mountain climbers (30 reps)
3 sets

2) Good mornings (15 reps), reverse grip bent over rows (15 reps), plank (1 minute), rocket jumps (15 reps)
3 sets

3) Plie squats with overhead tricep extension (15 reps) , jumping lunges (30 reps) , shoulder presses (20 reps), toe touchers (20 reps)
3 sets

4) Cable kickbacks (10 per leg), cable chest crossovers (15 reps), oblique twists (20 reps), front to side raises (15 reps)
3 sets


1) Jumping jacks (30), pushups (20), leg extensions (20 reps), arnold presses (15 reps)
3 sets

2) Bicycle abs (20 reps), dips – machine or bench (25 reps), plank with leg lifts (10 per leg), dumbbell rows (20 reps)
3 sets

3) Hammer curls (15 reps), alternating dumbbell lunges (20 reps), stiff legged deadlifts (barbell or dumbbells) (15 reps), upright rows (barbell or dumbbells) (15 reps)
3 sets

4) Walking dumbbell lunges (10 across, 10 back), leg raises with reverse crunch (15 reps), bicep curls with squat (15 reps), up and down plank (10 reps)
3 sets


1) Pushups over bosu ball (10 reps), bench jumps (20 reps), bicep curls (20 reps), two-arm tricep kickbacks (15 reps)
3 sets

2) One-arm rows (10 per arm), kettlebell swings, jump rope (1 minute), plank knees to elbows (15 reps), single arm front raises (10 per arm)
3 sets

3) Lunge with press (12 reps), close grip pushups (15 reps), donkey kicks – pumping (15 per leg), side planks (hold for 30 sec each side)
3 sets

4) Shoulder press with palm facing ears (15 reps), narrow grip barbell curls (15 reps), crunches (25 reps), romanian deadlifts (10 per leg)
3 sets


1) Barbell squats (15 reps), bench jumps (20), toe touchers (25), one-arm alternating dumbbell presses (20 reps)
3 sets

2) Decline sit ups (12 reps), lat pulldowns (15 reps), dumbbell bench presses (15 reps), good mornings (15 reps)
3 sets

3) Treadmill sprints – 2 min sprint (8+ mph), 1 minute walk
3 sets

4) Butt blaster machine (10 per leg), dumbbell shoulder presses (15 reps), bicep curls – 3 counts up, 3 down (15 reps)

Friday – 1000 rep workout

100 reps of each exercise. Do all the reps in each exercise before moving onto the next. Do as many reps as you can before taking a break. I try to do about 25 reps before taking a short rest and finishing the rest.

1) 100 bicep curls
2) 100 bench dips
3) 100 pushups (drop to your knees if you have to)
4) 100 shoulder presses
5) 100 alternating dumbbell lunges
6) 100 upright rows
7) 100 squat jacks
8) 100 rear delt flies
9) 100 crunches
10) 100 dumbbell squats

Be safe and enjoy!


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  • mc

    Hi, sorry, I’m sure you’ve answered this question before. . It’s taking me almost an hour to finish the workouts (a fun time, don’t get me wrong!) But i only have 45 min before work. I tried waking up earlier but that’s not going well lol! Do you recommend doing less sets or skipping the fourth series of excersices? Thx!
    Btw i made your lemon meringue bars yesterday. Oldies but goodies 🙂 always a hit! Thx again.

    • http://www.busybuthealthy.com Kristine Fretwell

      Hi! Not a problem! If you’re running short on time, just skip the last series altogether or do less lets of the last series.

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