Food Frenzy & Tropical Dreams

January 20, 2011

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Another week, another Flashback Friday!  With the way the weather has been, I’ve been dreaming of tropical places….

January 2006 (a few months before our wedding).  The Virgin Islands.  Would love to be there RIGHT NOW!  p.s.  Please excuse the cleavage!  Ahh memories…this was back in the day when I was more concerned with being ‘skinny’ versus ‘fit’.  I’m actually working on my story.  But needing to dig out and scan a couple more pictures.

virgin islands 2006 [1024x768].jpg

This week sure has been an adventure, to say the least!  Work was crazy busy, Sienna was sick, so then guilt set in as I couldn’t be with her.  Turns out it may have been good I wasn’t around, except now Brent has her tummy bug, not I (yet!)  24 hour flu at its worst!

But thankfully Sienna is feeling better now, as you can see from her yogurt mess.  Just as I was making dinner, I turn around to this….

yogurt mess.JPG

I was mad for a split second, but as soon as she flashed that smile, I melted, so of course I had to grab the camera and snap a pic.  Ahhh, to be 2 1/2 again.

There was a lot of food to be had this week!

I’m still semi-obsessed with the Salad Rolls. These babies were chicken-only (no shrimp).

salad rolls (3) [1024x768].JPG

salad rolls (4) [1024x768].JPG

Yummy open faced chicken, tomato, cuke sandwich on my favorite low carb bread.

chicken tomato cuke [1024x768].JPG

Roasted veggies (I usually don’t add broccoli, but roasted broccoli is GOOD!)  Definitely doing that again! Also in the mix is carrot, red pepper, parsnip, red onion, zucchini.

roasted veggies (2) [1024x768].JPG

roasted veggies [1024x768].JPG

Cannot forget the Quick Buffalo Chicken Salad!!!

buffalo chicken salad.JPG

Pre-cooked chicken tossed in Franks Hot Sauce.  Bed of romaine, snap peas and cuke.  Drizzled with a bit of low cal ranch.  See here where I talk about some of my favorite salad dressings.

What else?

Healthy Pad Thai

healthy pad thai.JPGQuick Bean & Sausage Stew

moose sausage kale white bean stew.JPGDessert?

Top Secret (heh)


double chocolate protein brownie bars.JPG

I may or may not have put some pb chocolate frosting on mine….

double chocolate bars icing 2 [1024x768] [1024x768].JPG

Maybe with enough comments, I’ll be persuaded to post the recipe 😉

I may have also had a Chocolate PB Lava Brownie (or 4!) into the evening.

chocolate pb protein brownie.JPG

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ve got Sienna’s second gymnastics class tomorrow morning.  I’m not sure who gets a better workout…her or I?  I was tired after chasing and tossing her around everywhere!


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