Flashback Friday: X-Mas Prep, Crockpot & Thanks

November 27, 2010

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If you’ve noticed, I didn’t get out a Flashback Friday last week.  Just when I thought the site issues were over, they came back!  Don’t you hate when that happens? I guess they uploaded a new commenting software and it created some glitches.  They are still working through them.  So hopefully this posts ok.  These past 2 weeks have FLOWN by!  Getting ready for x-mas, attending work meetings, entertaining, get together’s…I’m sure you’re all feeling the same!

First things first, it wouldn’t be Flashback Friday without a Flashback Pic!  This one is from way back in 2000.  This was the first picture Brent and I had together, before we were even dating!  It was taken at a Hawaiian party at a night club.  Brent was a bartender there.  We also would see each other around campus….we went to the same college. Feels like so long ago now!

Flashback from 2000:

first pic.jpg

Can you believe I STILL have the cold I talked about 2 weeks ago?  This bugger really wants to hang on!  I’ve upped the arsenal on my supplements, but still nothing.  Wake up feeling the same every morning.  I think I’ll have to start taking some decongestant.

Food Review:

I must say, with the weather being quite cold here, I’m totally turned off from salad right now.  I thought I would NEVER say that.  I’m typically quite content with salad daily!  I’ve been doing a LOT of Slow Cooker dinners and stews.  Then eating the leftovers for lunch.

This is how my Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken turned out. I skipped the bun and instead added coleslaw on top.  It was SO GOOD!  You seriously need to try it.  Its amazing how the chicken just shreds at the touch when its done!

slow cooker pulled chicken.JPG

I also made the Quick Lean Sausage & White Bean Stew again.  This is really good, and quick.  I like that it has kale, so I can get my greens in too! I used our moose sausage again, since that’s what we had.

moose sausage kale white bean stew.JPG

I also tried a new recipe from a fitness girlfriend, Jill Coleman!  Low Carb Pumpkin Scones. Check out her awesome BLOG.  She just finished posting 30-Days of Fat Loss tips, some GREAT info is there! The recipe turned out great!  I’ve never cooked with almond flour before, but I’ll definitely use it again!  I found it filling and it has a good texture when baked.

low carb pumpkin scones 2.JPGlow carb pumpkin scones 1.JPG

I will also be posting this in the Recipe Club today so others can enjoy her yummy low carb recipe!

Sienna’s Picture of the Week:

Ready for her X-Mas picture at the mall.  Decided to forgo Santa this year and opt for the Sears portraits instead.  She was scared to death of Santa last year and I don’t really see it being any different this year.  So I’ll save standing in line for 1 hour to see her scream in terror.  Instead, we’ll walk by and admire from a distance!  Maybe next year at over 3 years old, she’ll be willing.

Sienna xmas.JPG

You’re probably thinking, WOW, that’s a big bow! Haha! Lets just say, there is still not enough hair there to do anything with, so this is the compromise.  What’s the fun in being a parent if you can’t dress them up how YOU want when they are young. 😉  It won’t last for long!

Oh and here is a pic of our X-Mas tree!

xmas tree.JPGNow, for the Mom’s that read the blog…..if your not, don’t mean to scare you!

Potty Training is in FULL effect.  Honestly, as a Mom, I’ve been game to every stage thus far, but thinking about potty training from day 1 has SCARED me!  Am I the only one?  Maybe its something I’m scared of failing at?  Not sure.  We’re at a point where if she’s running around naked, she’ll go on the potty (and gladly receive her Smartie).  But put a diaper or Pullup on, its over, she goes in it.  She’s scared of the regular toilet, so for now, cleaning out the disgusting plastic potty is what I’ve succumb to.  Such a glamourous job, isn’t it?!  I must say, I’ll be glad when this stage is all over and she’s going on the big potty like the rest of us.  WISH ME LUCK…please!  Oh and if you have any tips, I GLADLY accept stories and advise!


I also have to remind you about the GYMBOSS Contest!  Its ending on Tuesday November 30th and midnight, so don’t forget to enter!!!!  On Monday I’ll be posting a couple of my favorite GymBoss Workouts, using their fabulous interval timer.  Seriously, if you need motivation at the gym, this helps!!!



Wanted to give a very big thanks to Whey Gourmet who sent me their Whey Gourmet Natural line to try out some new recipes.  I’m already a fan of their products and buy them regularly to use in my Protein Lava Brownies! (which I have almost every night!).  I use the vanilla flavor in muffins etc, but there are some interesting flavors I can’t wait to try out.  The Chai Latte flavor is so good and different from any other I’ve tried!  If you can’t see the text, the flavors are Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Blueberry Pomegranate, Chai Latte, Matcha Green Tea & Strawberry Banana. The naturals line is sweetened with stevia!  But you wouldn’t even be able to tell.

whey gourmet natural.jpg

I was also given some North Coast Naturals products, some non-whey protein! Hemp, Soya & Brown Rice Protein.  I’ll be using these in some smoothie concoctions!

north coast naturals.JPGWorkouts:

Ok, last but not least, here is a summary of my workouts over the last little while.  Being sick, I certainly haven’t gotten in what I normally would have.  Thursday I was on the stairmaster for 40 minutes with a Kleenex in my hand, wiping away the snot and coughing while the person next to me STARED, wondering why the heck I was there.  My reasoning: Sweating out the cold bug!  Sometimes, it works!  I’ve tried everything else!

Monday (this week) – Back/Shoulder Workout (using the Gymboss)

Thursday (this week)  – 40 minutes stairmaster, intervals

Friday (last week) – Leg Workout (using Gymboss)

Wednesday (last week) – Upper Body with Weights

I’m hoping that after this weekend, this sickness will be almost gone, so I can get in my regular 3 days next week.

So look out for Monday’s post where I’ll post 2 Gymboss workouts!

xo Kristine

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