Favorite Find Wednesday: For a Yummy Smelling House

December 15, 2010

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Happy Wednesday!  Are you done your xmas shopping yet?  I almost am, if you can believe it!  We are doing draws this year, so not as much to buy, which is nice!

For today’s favorite find, its one I recently found, and I LOVE it!  If you like your house to smell great during the holidays, this is a must have!  With us having a little one, candles are out,   and with having 2 dogs, it needs to be strong enough that it can cover up the doggie smell!!!

Its the Febreeze Noticables!  I’ve tried other plug-in air fresheners and I’ve found they didn’t work very well.  I think this one is different because it has the 2 scented oils that alternate.

Thumbnail image for febreeze noticables.JPGThis one is the nightlight version (which I got for the upstairs hallway).  Downstairs I got 2, one for the living room area around the tree and one for the family room.  The whole house smells fabulous and I love how they have the limited edition holiday scents. 

My favorite is the Cinnamon Roll/Buttercream Icing Combo.  It is different from above, since that one isn’t available in the night light, but I bought extra refills of it!!!

febreeze refill.JPG

I’d much rather have my house smell nice from these, vesus high calorie cookies baking in the oven constantly.  My waistline will also thank me!!!

Enjoy the holidays!!!!!

xo Kristine

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