Favorite Find Wednesday: A quick & easy protein

January 5, 2011

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…and did I also mention cheap?


eggs.jpgEveryone knows that eggs are a cheap and versatile protein (duh, right?!).  But obviously too many yolks in a day can wreck havoc on your fat allowance for the day.  If your like me, you also probably enjoy getting your fat from other sources like almonds, avocado, walnuts, peanut butter, salmon…I could go on!!!

So that is why I love using the carton egg whites!  All the protein, but without all the fat!  I find them so versitile and there is rarely a day that I don’t have them.  Whether its in omelettes, protein pancakes or recipes, we go through a TON of the stuff.  Brent likes to use 1-2 eggs and the rest egg whites, whereas I just typically use egg whites only (since I can’t really taste the yolk in omelettes).

This is the brand that I use, Naturegg Sinply Egg Whites.  I find it tastes great and performs well in everything, including baking.  I do notice that some egg white products are colored yellow….eww gross!  These look exactly how egg whites really look, nothing different!

simply egg whites1.JPG

You can’t beat the nutritionals either.  So low cal and so much protein!

simply egg whites2.JPG

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my BASIC PROTEIN PANCAKES recipe on the Recipe Club as well as the Recipe Tab on the site here.  Its great to have a batch in the fridge to have not just for breakfast, but for snacks too!  I’ll also give you some topping for my favorite & easy protein pancake recipe!

nectarine cream cheese protein pancake.JPGxo Kristine


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