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December 14, 2011

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For some strange reason, I thought I had posted this before.  I know I took a photo a long time ago.  As I was putting some on my oatmeal the other morning, I thought, “Have I posted this? Oh my gosh, I don’t think I have!”

So this has been a favorite for a while.  I’m actually almost out.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the availability of it, or whether  you’d have a hard time finding it (with maple things being Canadian and all).  But if you ever come across is, grab it…its delicious!

Maple Flakes!

All it is – dehydrated maple syrup!  They are tiny little flakes, and are only 5 calories per teaspoon.  I frequently sprinkle a couple teaspoons on my morning oatmeal.  They melt like brown sugar. So delicious!

Only 3 grams of sugar in 2 teaspoons!  A great way to add some maple flavor without a ton of calories.

This particular brand (Decacer) can be found here.  I’m pretty sure I picked it up in a local health food store.

To make my oatmeal extra maple-y lately, I’ve been adding a teaspoon of this, and a couple of chopped up Crock Pot Maple Walnuts.  Insanely good!

QUESTION!  Are you a ‘maple’ fan?

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    • http://www.busybuthealthy.com Kristine Fretwell

      Hahaha, that movie is hilarious!

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