Favorite Find: A Savory Nutrition Bar

March 14, 2012

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Happy Wednesday! Time for another Favorite Find!  I was at the Expo West at Anaheim over the weekend as a tie in to our Disneyland trip.  I must say, with it being such a huge show, I came across some very cool and interesting products I’ve never seen before.

The most interesting were these bars.  I’ve never seen a savory snack bar before, so it definitely caught my attention!  Great concept in my opinion as the big downfall of most protein bars is the large amount of sugar that’s in them! I also find that because its savory, you have some of the bar and it satisfies you.  Sometimes with sweet bars, it can increase your appetite.

They’re called Journey Bars….

They had samples set up so Brent and I tried most of the flavors…

I tried the Pizza Marinara and the Rosemary.  Brent also tried the Pizza and the Curry flavor.  They were all good, and I would eat either of them, depending what I was in the mood for that day.

What’s In Them?

This is for the Rosemary flavor…

Here’s the ingredients:

I’d say that most gluten intolerant should have no problem eating them.  This Rosemary one is also dairy-free.  Check their site to see the nutrition and ingredients of all the various flavors….

Nutrition per bar:

In my opinion, they could use more protein, but I would probably eat these with a hard boiled egg (or a couple of hard boiled egg whites) for a more complete snack.

Where to Buy?

They don’t have a huge amount of distribution. In retail, you’ll find it mostly on the east coast of the USA.  But, you can buy it online through their site, and they offer free shipping over $35.00.  You can get mixed boxes with various flavors, instead of having a box with 1 kind, which is nice.  They will ship to Canada through their site, and International as well, just costs a bit more.  Check the Buy Now tab on their website.

QUESTION: Have you tried a savory bar before?

See you tomorrow for another new recipe 🙂


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