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March 24, 2011

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Happy Friday!

Just a quick post for you today as I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me, but wanted to give you an update on my experiment (with my BodyMedia). If you didn’t see Monday’s post, a BodyMedia is an armband that tracks how many calories you burn in a day (different from a heart rate monitor).

bodymedia.jpgFirst off, people have been asking about the differences between the BodyMedia and the BodyBugg.  From what I understand, they are quite similar.  One of the main differences is that the Body Media tracks your sleep effectiveness, whereas the BodyBugg does not.  But who knows, things could change as they all start coming out with new versions.

So what I can tell you is that on Sunday, I started eating 1800/1900 cals.  Before I was eating 1500/1600.  With all the extra food, my weight is DOWN this week (whereas before it was stuck in a plateau.)  So as you can see, more food CAN be better!

I’ll continue to let you guys know how its going and next week I’ll post some new measurements.

I must say, the first few days it felt like I was forcing food down at times.  But I kept at it!  Its a great feeling though, more energy in workouts, more carbs which is nice and cravings are gone!  Crazy what giving your body proper fuel does!

I’m staying in a tight deficit, only 250 calories.  More is NOT always better.  People get hung up on a 500 calorie a day deficit, but that applies if you are quite overweight….NOT if you have less then 15-20 pounds to lose.  If that’s the case, you should never go beyond a 10-15% deficit, or your body will stall out very quickly.  Eg.  If you burn 2000 cals a day, then it would mean you’d eat 1800 – 1700 cals per day.  Make sense?

Since I burn about 2200 on workout days I’m aiming for around 1900 cals (300 calorie deficit).

A few also asked about my “ratios”.  I believe that there IS such a thing as too much protein, but if your active you should be taking in at least your bodyweight in grams per day.

Mine have been balanced – 35% protein, 35% carbs, 30% fat.  This works out to 166 grams protein, 166 grams carbs, 63 grams fat.  I’m not totally stuck on those numbers, its a target.  When you’re using an online calculator, its easy to see where you’re at for the day and adjust your meals accordingly if needed.

If you don’t want to bother with that, just make sure you get some protein, carbs and fat at each meal….and veggies (especially green veggies). Perhaps on Monday I’ll post a food list of various things I eat.

Any questions, leave them in the comments, I always respond 🙂

As for the the rest of the weekend, I’ll be helping out backstage at the FAME West Fitness Competition, and also attending my Dad’s 60th Birthday Party!

Then Sunday meeting a UFC Fighter that’s going to be in town – Shogun Rua who fought last weekend.  Brent is looking forward to that. 

I’ve also got a bunch of new recipes I want to try, so hopefully there are some WINNERS!

Ciao for now!



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