Cuckoo for Cocoa and Carrot Cake

March 11, 2011

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Happy Friday!  This week went much faster than normal!  Was it not just Monday?  I don’t know whether its because I’m older or busier, but its almost scary how fast the weeks go by.  I wish time would just slow down already.

I know most people live at a very fast pace.  To be honest, I’m not liking it at all.  It makes it difficult to enjoy the simple things.  We’re always rushing from one thing to the next.  I’m a slave to my routine.  While I love it, I wish it didn’t control me so much.  Any of you feel this way?  I think its time for a vacation!!

Now onto the goods, FOOD!

Had some great variety this week.  I’ve been testing a lot of new recipes lately and they’ve been turning out great! 

Cocoa Crusted Chicken

cocoa crusted chicken.JPGI know it sounds so weird, right?!  But it TOTALLY works!  Definitely a great way to make some delicious chicken! Get the recipe.

Healthy Cocoa Puffs Snack

cocoa puffs.JPGThere is history behind this one.  My mom used to make Puffed Wheat Squares.  Every had them?  Ingredients: Cocoa, corn syrup (eek!), butter.  All poured over puffed wheat, then chilled and cut into squares.  This is the healthier version.  Definitely feel better about giving Sienna this to snack on, plus there is a little bit of protein in there too!  Sienna still will not eat meat, cheese or beans.  Its tough to get protein in her, so I’m having to get more creative!  Get the recipe.

Turkey Sausage with Sauerkraut

turkey sausage sauerkraut.JPGAn ode to my German heritage!  Did you know that sauerkraut is MEGA low in calories?  Like 30 cals in a cup! Served with some brussel sprouts (with a bit of bacon) on the side! This was Brent’s portion with all the potatoes.  I opted for just 2 mini potatoes to save on the carbs.

Carrot Cake High Protein Muffins

carrot cake muffins.JPGI’ve out-done myself with this one.  Sinfully delicious and great calorie count!  These babies are going to be in the March edition of the Busy But Healthy Recipe Club E-Newsletter.  Get on the list here:

Carrot Cake Protein Shake

Oh and if you didn’t see my new recipe for this protein shake, Get the recipe here.

Miracle Noodle Mish Mash

miracle noodle [1024x768].JPGI’ve been liking these no calorie noodles to spice up plain chicken and broccoli.  Just added some hot sauce and rice vinegar and voila!  I’ve also got a super good recipe for Vietnamese Miracle Noode Soup.

Sienna’s Super Cute Photo of the Week:

sienna morning [1024x768].JPGHere she is in her normal morning routine.  A little warm goats milk and some cartoons.  This is how she wakes up.  Brent and I?  Coffee and our laptops!

Fitness for the Week

My schedule is a bit off this week because Brent’s truck wouldn’t start on Monday morning.  Ugh.

Monday – Off
Tuesday – Circuit Weight Workout (legs)
Wednesday – Bootcamp class (all Plyo)
Thursday – 45 min cardio on stairmaster & shoulders (couldn’t do my scheduled circuit workout cause my legs were toast from Tues/Wed)
Friday – Circuit Weight Workout (back/arms focus)
Saturday – Planning on doing Circuit Weight Workout (shoulder/ab focus)


Enjoy your weekend!!!


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