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May 3, 2011

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I’m so happy to be doing this amazing giveaway with KRISDA!  If you don’t remember seeing the announcement, I’m so happy to be working with them on getting the word out about the benefits of stevia!  Check out the Stevia 101 Video for more info about stevia!  This contest is BIG!!!  KRISDA is giving away 20 (yes 20!) KRISDA Prize Packs to 20 different Canadian residents!  Each price pack contains, 1 box of  their packets, 1 bag of their baking formulation, and 1 of each flavor of the KRISDA® Café (Caramel, Vanilla & Almond)!!!!

Here’s what you get in the Prize Pack!!

KRISDA® Packets

krisda 100g.bmpKRISDA® Baking Formulation

krisda baking blend.bmp

KRISDA® Cafe Vanillavanilla_50g [1024x768].jpgKRISDA® Cafe Caramelcaramel_50g [1024x768].jpgKRISDA® Cafe Almondalmond_50g [1024x768].jpgAmazing huh!!!!  It gives you a chance to try all their great products!  You will LOVE them!  I sure do!  I never have coffee without my KRISDA packets now!  Each packet is the perfect amount to sweeten a cup of coffee without being too sweet or not sweet enough!

Here is some more information about KRISDA from their website!

Where It Comes From

Stevia is much like coffee, chocolate and wine in that the best tasting stevia comes from stevia plants grown in the right soil conditions with agreeable temperatures, adequate rainfall and plenty of sunlight. Krisda stevia comes from only the finest South American stevia producing farms in the world with optimal growing conditions and growers with generations of stevia growing knowledge.

Unlike most inexpensive branded stevia sweeteners or store brand stevia sweeteners on the market, Krisda stevia is not purchased from large ingredients companies that source their stevia from mass production facilities in China. The stevia from these companies tends to have a very poor taste profile and questionable quality because the focus is on low cost to maximize profits.

Lastly, Krisda premium stevia extract is not genetically modified and minimal processing is used. Nature does most of the work for us.

Dissolves Quickly!

Krisda premium stevia extract dissolves quickly in both hot and cold beverages. Krisda airtight packets means no anti clumping agents are used. Many stevia sweeteners will clump and require a lot of stirring to dissolve.

Inulin – Natural Chicory Root

Inulin serves two important roles in Krisda: 1) reduces the sweetness of Krisda stevia extract to a level near table sugar and 2) helps reduce the bitterness of the stevia. Krisda stevia extract is several hundred times sweeter than table sugar. We use inulin to dilute the sweetness of stevia down to a level closer to table sugar. We in North America are conditioned to sweetening our food and beverages with table sugar and thus would have a difficult time adjusting to using such a small amount of stevia as a replacement for sugar. A little stevia goes a long way. Secondly, inulin by its very nature helps give Krisda a pleasing sweet taste while minimizing the bitterness of stevia in a natural and healthy way.


This contest will run from Tuesday May 3rd to Tuesday May 24th until Midnight (PST). Contest is open to Canadian residents only.  20 winners will be chosen randomly.  There are many ways to enter….

Mandatory Entry

1) Leave a comment below, telling me why you’d like to try KRISDA!

Optional Entries, Seperate Comment below for each.  More you do, better chance of winning!

2) “Like” my Health & Fitness Page or Recipe Club  on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall telling me why you’d like to try KRISDA. If your already a member, leave a comment below letting me know.

3) Follow me on Twitter and tweet this message ” GIVEAWAY from @KrisdaStevia via @KristineFretwel to 20 winners! Enter now! Canada Only

4) “Like” the Krisda Page on Facebook, come back and post a comment letting me know you did.

5) Subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment here with your YouTube username.

6) Blog about this giveaway, then comment back with the link. 

7) Join my exclusive monthly Recipe Club E-Newsletter for member-only recipes and special announcements!  Post a comment here letting me know you joined!

Good luck!  You’ll LOVE it when you try it!!!!

p.s.  US readers, don’t worry, there will be another contest for Krisda when its available there this summer. Stay tuned!


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