Cinnamon-Sugar Slow Cooker Pecans

by Kristine on December 7, 2011

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Ok. So these didn’t work exactly as planned, but “almost”.  I hoped this would be a set it and forget it sort of thing, but you indeed need to stir it a couple time through the process, or you’ll have some burnt nuts. Regardless, they are still delicious and I’ll definitely be doing a Maple variation very soon (probably with walnuts). I’m so not crafty when it comes to homemade gifts, but this is so easy, even I could do it!

This recipe is lightly adapted from “The Everyday Low Carb Slow Cooker Cookbook” by Kitty Broihier & Kimberly Mayone.

Cinnamon-Sugar Slow Cooker Pecans (Low Carb)

4 cups pecan halves
1/4 cup butter (or non-dairy margarine), melted
1 1/2 tsps sugar, divided (I know, regular sugar is bad, but its needed, as stevia doesn’t melt and its such a small amount)
3 packets stevia
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsps cinnamon, divided

Place nuts in crock pot base.  In the bowl with the melted butter, add vanilla, stevia packets and 1 tsp sugar. Pour over the nuts and stir well to coat them all.  Cover with the lid and cook on LOW for about 2 hours.  Make sure you check at 30-45 minutes and stir to make sure its not burning.  I didn’t do this, but it didn’t say to in the book either. Perhaps its my crock pot. LOW temp may vary by machine.

Once done, sprinkle over remaining cinnamon (1 tsp) and sugar (1/2 tsp). Lightly mix.  Allow to cool completely and store in jars or eat!

Nutrition (I’ll have to calculate when I make again as I ended up with some burnt ones) :(

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  • Sarah

    I think they look yummy! I love putting things in mason jars and wrapping a bow around them. SO cute.

    • Kristine Fretwell

      Totally! I’ve never done the jar thing, but I did some canning this summer so I had some sitting around. :) Kristine Fretwell, Busy But Healthy,

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