No-Bake Chocolate Orange Chia Protein Bars

Thumbnail image for No-Bake Chocolate Orange Chia Protein Bars January 14, 2015

  Its the new year! Time for some new protein bar recipes. These No-Bake Chocolate Orange Chia Protein Bars came to fruition because I love the combination of chocolate and orange together. They’re a pair that just work great together. I also wanted to add some chia seeds to the mix, since I love the […]

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Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Thumbnail image for Spinach and Artichoke Chicken January 10, 2015

Who likes spinach and artichoke dip? That question, with the picture below, created a lot of excitement on my Facebook page. I most certainly understand why. Make a healthy version of spinach artichoke dip, and cook chicken in it. What do you have? A dinner to die for, that’s what! This new recipe came out […]

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Cream of Mushroom Chicken Breasts

Thumbnail image for Cream of Mushroom Chicken Breasts January 7, 2015

  I’ve been very inspired to do more 1-pot meals lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baked chicken recipes, but the option of cooking it on the stove in 30 minutes or less is also super appealing! This year I decided I wanted to cook more with my cast iron pans. I must […]

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Healthy Sample Meal Plan

Thumbnail image for Healthy Sample Meal Plan January 4, 2015

So it’s 2015! Can you believe it? I love when a new year begins, its a great time to focus on goals and start fresh! If one of your goals is to eat healthy or continuing to eat healthy, but need new ideas, this is a great post for you! I wanted to create an […]

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Cranberry and Orange Scones

Thumbnail image for Cranberry and Orange Scones January 3, 2015

  Its the new year and time to get back into a regular routine. Breakfast can be a challenge if you’re on the go. I love coming up with new breakfast options, and I happen to love scones as they’re so easy to make and such a filling breakfast. They are great served warm along […]

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Lean Italian Meatloaf

Thumbnail image for Lean Italian Meatloaf December 17, 2014

It doesn’t get much more comforting that meatloaf. Not to mention easy. In case you’re wondering, its totally possible to use a lean cut of meat and still get a moist and flavorful loaf. They key with using extra lean meats is to add in some moisture, like eggs, grated onion and soaked oats or […]

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