Meal Plans

Healthy Sample Meal Plan

Thumbnail image for Healthy Sample Meal Plan January 4, 2015

So it’s 2015! Can you believe it? I love when a new year begins, its a great time to focus on goals and start fresh! If one of your goals is to eat healthy or continuing to eat healthy, but need new ideas, this is a great post for you! I wanted to create an […]


25 Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas

January 2, 2012

I’m always looking for different healthy snack ideas.  Since I love lists like this, you might also like my “Healthy Food Grocery Shopping List“, and my “Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas“.  Below are 25 Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas to help you maintain your healthy eating habits. 1. Protein shake mixed with water or unsweetened […]


Inspiration or Desperation?

Thumbnail image for Inspiration or Desperation? November 7, 2011

“In Life, You Need Either Inspiration or Desperation” – Anthony Robbins I came across this quote the other day, and thought it would be a great discussion for “News, Facts & Fitness Monday”.  I’ve seen these 2 words referenced when it comes to health & fitness.  It got me thinking.  When you see people that […]


Healthy Food Grocery Shopping List

Thumbnail image for Healthy Food Grocery Shopping List June 12, 2011

Here’s one challenge for you this week, try 1 new healthy recipe.  Something that you’ve never had.  There are many places to find inspiration.  Friends, various websites & blogs or even the recipe section of the site here! Whatever you do, remember to make food FUN and not boring.  If you do, you are way […]


My "Grain-Free" Week in Review

June 3, 2011

Happy Friday!  A short week for some of you…love those!  I had a rough night last night.  Our little munchkin got some sort of 24-hour flu.  Needless to say, I was dealing with a lot of puke and diarrhea last night!  Thankfully she seems ok this morning and is able to hold down water.  Hubby […]


Kristine’s Food Diary

April 10, 2011

Food log, food diary, food journal, whatever you want to call it!  I mentioned on Friday that I finally know how to do a screen shot, so I’ll show you guys a day in the life of my food intake!  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big believer in variety, so no 2 days look […]