Book Review, Stir Fry and Funny Incident

April 22, 2011

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Its the long weekend!  Woo!  I’m so glad to have an extra day off!  This year is the first year we’ll be hiding eggs for our little girl (she’s 2.5yrs).  She still doesn’t get the “Easter Bunny” concept yet, but I’m sure she’ll be into finding all the hidden eggs!  We’ll just have to remember where we hide the chocolate eggs, or else we might find a chocolatey mess come summertime!  Next Friday I’ll have some pictures of how the ‘hunt’ went.

Since I’m on the topic of kiddies, I’ve got a funny story.  I recently cut out our little one’s naps because she was falling asleep too late at night.  Well the other night, she decided to have a temper tantrum (this was around 5pm).  We told her if she wanted to continue, she could go to her room….so she went up there and continued to cry.  After a few minutes, the crying had stopped.  I was getting dinner ready, so I asked Brent to check on her.  It was almost ‘too’ quiet.  So sure enough, what does he find?  Her passed out on the floor, sound asleep!


She was ripping around on her tricycle earlier, so I guess it tired her out!  She was out for the night….did NOT want to wake up.  What a cute moment!

I didn’t take food pictures this week, was busy wrapping up from the health trade expo last weekend, so meals this week were quick and easy.  Turkey meatloaf, chicken breasts, lots of veggies.

Here is a simple shrimp stir fry I did the other night.  I just LOVE veggies, lots of garlic and finished with some shrimp!

stir fry.JPG

I put mine on Miracle Noodles.  This is just carrot, asparagus, red onion, red pepper, zucchini, stir fried with chicken stock and garlic.  Then tossed in the shrimp until they turned pink and put in some lemon juice and fresh parsley.  Simple but good!

Book Review

I received this book courtesy of  called “Body By Design”.  The author is Kris Gethin, who has been a part of the industry for quite some time.  I’m quite familiar with him as I’ve been a member of for a few years now.

body by design.JPG

I’ve just taken a breeze through it so far, but once I have a chance to go through it more, I’ll post a full review!  My husband has actually gone through the first chapter and likes how it talks about getting motivated and their system to do it!  The forward is also by Jamie Eason.  As I’ve mentioned before, she is the biggest sweetheart!  She’s recommended my site to her Fan Page a couple times 🙂  If you want to get the book asap, it is available on  Its actually a really great price considering how thick the book is and how much info is in it!

Now that Season 2 of Busy But Healthy TV is in full swing, did you see the “Stevia 101” video?!  I’m excited to be partnered with Krisda on getting out the benefits of stevia.  There will be many more recipes where I use stevia and also a future video on “Advanced Cooking with Stevia”.  Its actually a bit of a science cooking with substitutes and protein powder that many people don’t get.  Not everything works and the ratios are totally different to traditional recipes.  So more on that soon!

Hope you all get some time to relax this long weekend!  Enjoy the time with family/friends!  See you Monday!  

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