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May 11, 2012

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Happy Friday!  Its going to be a beautiful weekend, so I’m in a happy mood.  We’re having a garage sale tomorrow, so at least the weather will cooperate!

This week was pretty status quo, except for hubby’s birthday on Wednesday.  I made him a big seafood feast, and got his favorite dessert….Boston Cream Cake.  No, I didn’t make it.  This one at the store looked uber fabulous, so it gave me an excuse to not make one! 😉

Sienna is way more excited for our birthdays than we are these days, so this year I made a bit bigger deal out of it and had a cute little party at home for the 3 of us.  She helped me pick out his presents and cards, and of course had to get a few balloons, cause what’s a party without balloons (according to her anyway!).

Helping daddy blow out the candles….

With all the moving stuff, I finally dug up all my old photo’s off my old computer.  I wanted to get in and see all my old pregnancy pics with Sienna, as I documented them the whole way through.

So for fun, I did some comparison shots!

The photo on the left (green tank) is from this morning.  I am exactly 23 weeks in both pics.  I don’t see a big difference in these to be honest.

But, I do see a difference in these ones…

In the mint green top, I’m 21 weeks (current pregnancy) and on the right, I was 20 weeks with Sienna. DEFINITELY bigger this time around.

A few things:

– Is it just me, but I think I look bigger in the 21 week pic than the 23 week pic?!

– I took the 21 week picture at night, and the 23 week picture this morning.  Anyone that’s been pregnant knows that the belly is noticeably larger at night than in the morning!

– I feel like my belly is more of a stick-out shape this time around.

– I don’t think my weight gain is very different in either pic. All I remember is gaining around 32 pounds total with Sienna, so I’ll see where I end up by the end of this one.

So here are a couple other preggo pics with Sienna (what I have to look forward to!):

34 weeks with Sienna, July 2008

37 weeks with Sienna. Last belly picture taken as I had her 2 days later.

So this was essentially the biggest I got before.  I think I lost my mucus plug this day, so I knew she was coming early.  At this point my blood pressure was scary high.  They probably would have induced me had I not gone into labor on my own.

If I make it farther along this time, I’ll probably be bigger than this.  That scares me a little! Ha!

QUESTION!  Did you notice with yourself (or a family member) that there was a difference in the first pregnancy versus the second?

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  • Suzriley1

    No doubt I was bigger with my 2nd pregnancy though people still commented on how tiny my belly was. NOT TO ME, lol! I only gained 19 pounds with my first and 30ish with my 2nd so there was a bit of a difference. I hate to say it but the 2nd one is what caused my tummy not to be as tight post partum. Sigh.

    You are a totally cute preggo! I love your round little belly and you do look right on the same track as your first. Do you have any gut feeling that this one will come early?

  • Anna @ The Guiltless Life

    So awesome to see these side-by-side comparisons! I am really hoping my sister is early/on time because I just booked 10 days off to go and stay in Calgary. The first day I get there is her due date. If I go to hers and spend the whole 10 days there and she never gives birth I’ll be so mad! And yes, I cannot wait for the sunniest weekend ever! 

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