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October 8, 2010

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Hey everyone!  TGIF!!!!

I was out of town last weekend, so this week went by faster than ever!  I meant to post mid-week, but it just didn’t happen!  The trip to Seattle was tons of fun.  4 of us girls went.  One of our nights out….

The gentleman on the left was a friend of one of the gals and our tourguide!

Did plenty of shopping at the outlets and downtown Seattle (where we stayed).  The highlights for me were:?

ReSport Grey Flats for $29.99 at Nordstrom Rack


Joe Jeggings in black.  A STEAL!  $39.99!!!!!


Dear Emerald, Please bring these to Canada ASAP, I will love you forever.  My few boxes will only last so long…


This key lime pie flavor gum is insanely delicious!!!!!

There was PLENTY more damage done, but for me, these were the standouts.  I am still awaiting all the charges on my credit card :/
Food-wise, I brought some of my own snacks and noshed on salads for lunch.  But of course there was a night (or two) at the bar, and had a couple adult beverages.  After going back to our lovely hotel room….
…we decided we could use a late night snack.  So off we went to a trashy 24-hour diner.  This is where I tried something that I will have nightmares about FOREVER!!!!  Ladies and gentleman, I introduce…..
Not only does it look nasty, its also chunky
I could NOT get over the fact that it was white gravy. Some things just aren’t meant to be people!  So, it was safe to say that my grilled turkey sandwich, fries and a bit of country gravy was my cheat meal for the weekend….and I paid for it with tummy aches through the night.
After returning home and greeting Brent, Sienna and the furbabies, I got all organized for the week.
Sienna’s picture of the week:

A much more fun way to wear sunglasses

Dinner were much of the same that they usually are – Chicken Breasts, Salads, Butternut Squash Fries, Broccoli.

For snacks, one day I made my new Pumpkin Protein Bars (posted on my facebook and recipe club)

My workouts for the week were:

Monday – Cardio on stairmaster for 45 minutes

Tuesday – Full body interval workout

Thursday – Workout with trainer (full body interval style)
Friday, Sat – Shopping.  We must have walked 10 miles all weekend.  My feet were still sore on Tuesday!

I have still not tried those DVD’s I got.  Next week for sure.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends!!! Enjoy your Turkey and Pumpkin Pie–only 1 slice 😉 Next week I’ll do an update with how we spent Thanksgiving.

Take Care!
Kristine xox

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