December 2013

Healthy Poutine

Thumbnail image for Healthy Poutine December 28, 2013

Fries, gravy & cheese. Can you really go wrong with that? Poutine is indeed a Canadian thing. It was actually founded in Quebec. Traditionally, its french fries, beef gravy and cheese curds. Instead of using cheese curds, I substituted for part-skim mozza cheese to keep the fat down, and its not like cheese curds are […]


No Bake Kids Protein Bars

Thumbnail image for No Bake Kids Protein Bars December 24, 2013

Filling a child’s protein needs for the day can be a challenge, especially if they’re a picky eater. My 5 year old doesn’t eat meat, so I’m always looking for sneaky ways to give her extra protein. Children don’t have nearly the same needs as adults when it comes to protein, so that’s why I […]


Healthy Hamburger Helper

Thumbnail image for Healthy Hamburger Helper December 19, 2013

Hamburger helper isn’t something I grew up with, but I know a lot of people did. I sure did wish we got it every once in a while, as it is quite delicious, but its so salty and contains a lot of unpronounceable ingredients. I’m also pretty sure the powdered mix would not be gluten […]


Parmesan Yogurt Chicken

Thumbnail image for Parmesan Yogurt Chicken December 16, 2013

Creamy succulent chicken. Not something you think would be possible in a low fat recipe, yet, as rich as this tastes, its actually a healthy way to make chicken!  Pair up boneless chicken breasts, non-fat greek yogurt, Parmesan cheese and a few other ingredients, and you have a tasty and simple dinner. The Parmesan cheese […]


Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies

Thumbnail image for Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies December 12, 2013

I’m surprised its taken me this long to come up with a healthy gingerbread recipe.  Since I’ve had the blog for 3 years now, the only gingerbread cookie recipe I’ve had is my Healthy Gingersnaps. Although they are delicious, its still fun to make something like these gingerbread cut out cookies. Especially if you have […]


What I Ate Wednesday #13

Thumbnail image for What I Ate Wednesday #13 December 11, 2013

As I was gathering the photo’s for today’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I realized I had a great day of food and some stellar treats 😉  I’m not sure if many of you are surprised by what I eat, or if its out of the norm.  Everyone has their own normal I guess. This […]