November 2011

Favorite Find: Easy Greens

Thumbnail image for Favorite Find: Easy Greens November 30, 2011

We all know greens are healthy for us. But lets be honest, they aren’t the most exciting of things.  That is, unless you can find a way that will make you want to eat them.  Many people throw greens into their smoothies, on pizza (my fave!) and have simply as a side with dinner (I […]


Sweet n’ Sour Chicken

Thumbnail image for Sweet n’ Sour Chicken November 30, 2011

  If we ever order Chinese food (which is not very often), Sweet n’ Sour pork or chicken is something that we always order. Naturally, this version skips the deep frying, and can be easily made on the stove or in a slow cooker. I actually prefer the stove-top method, as its quicker, and there […]


New Kicks

Thumbnail image for New Kicks November 28, 2011

How backwards is this? My husband (who hates shopping), went down to the US this weekend to hit up the outlets.  He wanted some new suits for a new job he’s starting next week.  Me? I only had 1 request….new shoes! I’ve been eying up the Nike Free’s for a while.  They look great for […]


Fit Chicken Alfredo

Thumbnail image for Fit Chicken Alfredo November 28, 2011

Chicken alfredo isn’t exactly something you’d think would fit into a healthy eating plan.  But this version sure does!  Best part – tastes similar to the original. [Translate]


5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter

Thumbnail image for 5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter November 26, 2011

Winter has its ups and downs.  I much prefer warm weather over cold, but there are definitely things I look forward to in the winter time.  Below are my all time 5 favorite things to do in the winter and holiday season. Can’t beat it! 5 Favorite Things to do in the Winter What are […]


Pecan Pie Oatmeal

Thumbnail image for Pecan Pie Oatmeal November 24, 2011

All this talk about Pecan Pie and the holidays got me wanting some! But of course, the real thing has a CRAZY amount of calories/fat/sugar.  Here is my healthified oatmeal version that you can have daily!  I had mine along side a 6 egg white omelet. [Translate]