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Well if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’m always looking for new ways to get more green veggies into my kids, as well as myself! Unfortunately, my kids don’t jump at the chance to eat a bowl of spinach, so I’m usually putting it in things like smoothies and dinners to get it in where I can.

Spinach Muffins_5These spinach muffins are the best disguise yet, as aside from the green color, you don’t taste the spinach as there’s a lot in there. In the recipe I use 2 cups packed….and I mean packed very firmly. So when it was loose in my Blentec, it was close to 3/4 filled with spinach.  I used the Organicgirl baby spinach which I picked up at my local Walmart. Baby spinach is a little more tender and sweet than the larger spinach leaves. I also love that their greens are also triple washed, so I just threw them right in. If you spinach isn’t pre-washed, be sure to rinse it well and dry it very well too as we don’t want to add a bunch of water to the recipe.

Spinach Muffins_2

I don’t recommend using frozen spinach in this recipe. Fresh is easier anyway, and with frozen, it tends to contain a lot of water, and has a stronger spinach taste, so it might not work as well in this particular recipe. These muffins are perfect to cart around as snacks and great in school lunches. There is also no dairy or nuts in these! If you need them to be egg-free, I recommend swapping the eggs for chia seeds. Just mix 2 Tbsp chia seeds with 4 Tbsp water. Set it aside and allow it to set, then add it to the recipe.

Spinach Muffins_4

For the kids, I prefer to call them “green muffins”, so they don’t catch wind of all the spinach in there!  I sorta missed the boat getting this recipe out for St. Patrick’s Day as its so festive, but hey, its never a bad time to eat your greens as they’re so good for us!

Spinach Muffins_3

This was Clara eating muffin #2. She ate 3 muffins within 30 minutes of them coming out of the oven! I’d call them pretty darn popular! My hubby loved them too and said he couldn’t taste spinach at all either. Hope you give them a try soon! [click to continue…]


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