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Ripe bananas. Its always a challenge deciding what to do with them. I usually freeze them and use in smoothies, or make a loaf of banana bread. This time, I wanted to do a muffin, but have it taste different than traditional banana bread, and can you really go wrong with adding chocolate? I know, right?!

These muffins have a bit of protein added, so it transforms these muffins into a quick breakfast-on-the-go option. To make these vegan, sub out the whey protein for a vegan protein powder or simply add extra oat flour in place of it.

Cocoa Banana Muffins_3

These turned out great, and with them being so great, my almost two year old decided to climb on the counter while they were cooling, and throw all but one off them to the dogs! Thankfully we all had a chance to test them out beforehand (they got a thumbs up), and I had one to use for the photoshoot.

Cocoa Banana Muffins_2

So next time you’ve got some ripe bananas kicking around, this is a great option! They are moist, delicious, have a hint of chocolate flavor. I left the nutmeg as ‘optional’ and it does give it a hint of nutmeg flavor, but if you’re not a nutmeg lover, you can totally leave it out. I might even try with cinnamon next time.

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