This hasn’t happened in quite some time, but I seem to be on a roll lately with recipe development! The new year has me inspired to create some new recipes. When I was making this one, I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Typically most recipes might need a couple tweaks. But this one came out great on the initial try. First of all, the SAUCE in this stir fry is AMAZING! I’m actually thinking of making a batch of the sauce to pour it on everything. Ok…..well maybe not everything. But almost everything.

It started out as a typical stir fry. I knew I wanted to use black beans in the recipe too so it could be vegetarian/vegan. As mentioned in another post, I’m trying to do vegetarian dinners more often. Right now I’m aiming for about 2x per week. I was doing a search online for inspiration and quickly discovered that most recipes with black beans had a Mexican flair. But, I didn’t want to do that this time around. I’m in taco overload most weeks, since my girls LOVE tacos, so we’re having them quite often.

So I decided to go more of a thai/asian route and I’m very happy that I did. The peanut sauce in this recipe could (and will) be used in many different ways. It would make a great rice bowl or salad dressing, a dip for salad rolls and in addition to this stir fry, it would be a great sauce over roasted veggies (I especially have broccoli in mind). I would have added broccoli to this dish, but I didn’t have any on hand.



Easy, delicious and quick. That’s the name of the game when it comes to dinner! Its always a goal with my recipes to be less than 10 ingredients, easy to prepare, and limited mess. Plus, of course it has to taste delicious! This recipe for Maple Dijon Sheet Pan Chicken and Vegetables is all of those things!

I love the idea of 1-pot or 1-pan dinners as it keeps the mess very limited. The trick with dinners like this is chopping up the veggies quite small as you want the cooking time to be consistent. Roasted chicken breast should never take longer than 30-35 minutes, so if you’re using a sturdy vegetable like yams, potatoes or sweet potatoes, you need to cut them small so they’re done in around that time.

I could have cut mine a touch smaller, as I took the chicken off the pan and let them cook a bit longer on their own.  For the green vegetable you add, they’ll only need to be on there around 15 minutes.


I came up with this recipe since I love the flavours of mustard and maple together. Plus, fresh rosemary and yams. It really is a great combination. I like using grainy dijon the most, but if you have the ground dijon instead then you can definitely use that too.




Hi all! Hope your 2018 is getting off to a great start! I’m sure many of you are getting in the swing with healthier meals after the holidays (me included). I’ve also gotten a few workouts in this year, so I’m definitely feeling better. One thing is certain though, even if its healthy, it still has to taste good. Plus, it has to be easy to prepare, and not a lot of ingredients. Tough task? I think not! Especially when it includes this sauce!

Wow. Really. Its good.

This easy vegan alfredo sauce came out so great! Excited to share the recipe with you. This year, I’m going to be trying to make more vegetarian and vegan recipes. While I’m not going to make the jump to full-on vegetarian or vegan, I will definitely enjoy more meals without meat and dairy. I can’t eat a lot of dairy products to begin with as my tummy doesn’t agree with too much of it, so I am drawn to vegan food as I know it’s guaranteed dairy-free.



Detox Soup

December 29, 2017

in Recipes, Soups & Stews

Happy “almost” new year! Not sure about you, but I’m definitely feeling the after holidays bloat! Not loving when I’m feeling gross! My tummy can’t handle too many days in a row of bad eating, so its time to get back on track. This Detox Soup is a great start. It makes a big batch, its delicious, warm and comforting, and also helps to alleviate bloating! Cabbage and celery are natural diuretics. So this soup combined with drinking more water, eating less sodium and eliminating the sweets, should help me feeling better in no time!

I made this soup in a big pot on the stove, but you could also make it in a slow cooker if you choose!  If you do that I’d cook it on high for about 3 hours or low for 5-6 hours.  I kept the veggie combo simple, but feel free to add any other veggies you like. For being a relatively simple soup, it still has a lot of flavor. Its also vegan as I used vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. You could easily use this recipe and make it a base for a really delicious Minestrone soup by adding beans and pasta (or rice).



Moroccan Stew

Thumbnail image for Moroccan Stew December 1, 2017

  I cannot get enough of stews this winter. Probably because its rained 27 out of 30 days in Vancouver. But I’m not going to think about that, and instead, think about how delicious this Moroccan stew is. It has all the warming spices, and sweetness from dried apricot. I’ve been experimenting with more vegetarian […]


Healthier Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thumbnail image for Healthier Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies October 1, 2017

Chocolate chip cookies are a childhood favourite by many, including myself!  Its hard to beat the nostalgia and taste of a chocolate chip cookie still warm out of the oven. I wanted to keep this recipe as traditional as possible without seeming “healthy”. These cookies definitely achieved that. I only made a few tweaks to […]